Parasite, Bacterial Overgrowth, or Food Intolerance? One Simple Way to Know What You're Dealing With

Treating potty problems is one of my specialties. If you’re bloated all the time or have frequent gas or find yourself constantly running to the toilet with diarrhea or battle with constipation, I’m your guy. Maybe it seems like a funny thing to center my practice around. Generally, we don’t like to discuss our bathroom habits... More

Bloating, Brain Fog, and Bowel Trouble: It's Not Normal

Nobody likes being sick. Nobody likes having frequent headaches or a bad case of constipation. Nobody likes skin breakouts or feeling exhausted. Nobody likes brain fog and riding a roller coaster of mood swings. When we feel these things, we just want them to go away. Fast. Most of us can’t afford to lay on... More
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