Athletic Performance

“High performing athletes put extra demands on their mind and body. Dialing in nutrition to support better performance and promote quicker recovery is of utmost importance to continually perform at the highest level.”

Whether you are in high school, college, or performing at the professional level, one thing is certain: in order to get the most out of your mind and body, it’s the small things that matter. No one would argue that lifting, conditioning, and practice is essential to perfecting your craft. Everyone who’s in a sport does all of the physical things required.
But what sets the best of the best apart from the rest? Sure, some are just more physically gifted than others, i.e. LeBron James. But what can the rest of us do to gain an edge?

As much as the physical components are necessary, so too is the nutrition and food you put in your body. My favorite example of this is Tom Brady, a 6th round draft pick who’s gone on to become the greatest quarterback ever. It’s well documented that he takes his food and nutrition just as seriously as his workouts. Drew Brees is another example of a guy who’s gone on to become one of the best ever, despite not being the most athletically gifted, and openly talks about food and nutrition being a huge part of his routine keeping him at the top.

It’s all the small things that matter. I’ve worked with pros who are looking for every natural edge they can get to the point of blackout curtains at night and avoiding blue light from their phone and TV’s later in the day to promote more restful sleep.

Dialing in nutrition for better performance and recovery is often overlooked, but a very useful way to improve performance. Working with someone who understands the extra support the body needs to increase physical and mental performance is crucial. Workouts and training have come a long way since the 90’s and even the early 2000’s. So too, has the understanding of food, nutrition, and lifestyle for enhanced performance.

Want to discuss your athletic potential, nutrition, and overall wellness? From Tyler, Texas to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, I am happy to provide an in-depth discussion and consultation over phone or webcam!

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