What is Functional Wellness?

Functional wellness is all about addressing the root causes of dis-ease by using a comprehensive systems-oriented approach. We firmly adhere to personalized care for a long-term vision of health, looking at the interactions between your environment, genetics, and lifestyle choices that can influence your health and lead to chronic conditions.

Many individuals are examined by physicians who practice conventional medicine and find themselves unhappy or unconvinced by the results. They know something is wrong with their bodies – but the tests come back completely normal. Afterward, their issues continue and often worsen as time goes on with little to no relief. Click the following link to see if functional wellness is right for you.


This is an all-too-common experience for many people with chronic conditions. That’s why Dr. Chris Jones DC, DNM applies an emerging model that focuses on his Tyler-area clients’ bodies as a whole system to get to the root of what causes illnesses, chronic pain, and dis-ease. By spending time with his clients, understanding their backgrounds, and determining what changes they can make to enhance their unique expressions of vitality, Dr. Jones offers healthcare for the 21st century.

Functional Medicine

  • Investigative – seeks to find the root cause
  • Holistic – treats the body as a whole
  • Safe – mild to zero side effects
  • Client Centered – focuses on the person, not their dis-ease
  • Integrated – Looks at food, nutrition, and lifestyle of individuals
  • Preventative – based on Hippocrates approach of “let food be your medicine”

Conventional Medicine

  • Superficial – masks or covers up symptoms
  • Dualistic – Looks at the body as separate parts
  • Many side effects
  • Disease-centered – matching broader medications to your specific disease
  • Limited – Treatments and solutions revolve around drugs and surgery
  • Reactive – Waits for signs and then manages disease
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