Chronic Pain

“I’m tired of hurting and I’ve only found temporary solutions so far. I’m ready to address the root cause of my pain once and for all.”

Whether it’s low back pain, knee pain, hand/finger pain, stiffness, muscle tension, headaches or migraines, there’s a common underlying problem that must be addressed. Inflammation. Inflammation is the root of all dis-ease, and this is certainly true when it comes to pain. Hence the popularity of NSAID’s which block production of inflammatory prostaglandins to help reduce pain.

Conventional medical treatments offer to mask the pain with medications which often come with side effects that make people feel extra lousy. Chiropractic, PT, and massage offer more natural relief through manual manipulation or adjustments. The problem I’ve realized after 10 years as a chiropractor is that adjustments and manipulation often only provide short term relief. Yes, there’s less pain and increased mobility, but often within a day or two the person has fallen back into their chronic pain cycle.

I’ve seen far greater success and long term relief of chronic pain and migraines by decreasing inflammation through food and diet. By decreasing inflammation at the root, through healthy food, healthy lifestyle, and high quality nutritional supplements, you’re eliminating a major source of inflammation that is surprisingly most overlooked- food.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with inflammatory chemicals that only add fuel to the fire of chronic pain. Eliminating the most inflammatory foods is very powerful for long term management and lowering pain levels. Functional testing of markers like C-RP and vitamin D can help determine underlying metabolic imbalances that contribute to chronic pain.

Correcting diet is the first step. Then once inflammation starts to go down adding simple mobility/strengthening exercises are key to long term management of pain and inflammation.

Whether you live in my home town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri or near my practice in Tyler, Texas, or anywhere in between, there are genuine solutions out there for your pain. If you suffer from chronic pain of any here for a free phone or webcam wellness consult.

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