Parasite, Bacterial Overgrowth, or Food Intolerance? One Simple Way to Know What You're Dealing With

Treating potty problems is one of my specialties. If you’re bloated all the time or have frequent gas or find yourself constantly running to the toilet with diarrhea or battle with constipation, I’m your guy. Maybe it seems like a funny thing to center my practice around. Generally, we don’t like to discuss our bathroom habits... More

Undiagnosed Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the subject of autoimmune disorders. The term casts a wide net and involves a variety of symptoms and conditions. It’s not easily defined or diagnosed. That’s why I wanted to answer a few common questions regarding autoimmune disorders.  What are the symptoms of autoimmune disorders? Do I have an undiagnosed... More

Sexy Gut, Sexy Skin - A Functional Guide to Clear Skin

If you want youthful, clear, glowing skin, you must not overlook gut health. A recent study showed that SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), a condition where the wrong bacteria overgrows in the small intestine, is ten times more likely in people with acne than in healthy control groups. The best part is, correction of SIBO... More
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