Which Stool Test is Right For You? GI Map vs Viome

Is There A Difference Between the GI Map & Viome Stool Testing?If you have chronic digestive problems, odds are you’ve probably heard about one or both of these at-home DNA stool tests:  GI Map and Viome. But which one is best for you?They’re the two most popular stool tests on the market, but it is... More

Holistic IBS Remission

Here's a powerful case study on reversing extreme IBS/IBD. This will give you an idea of what a holistic approach looks like.Whether you’re dealing with IBS, IBD, crohn’s, ulcerative colitis or celiac, there is hope for remission and control of your GI.A year and a half ago a middle aged man came to my clinic... More

4 Factors To Resolve Underlying Inflammation

If inflammation is the root of all disease, then it makes sense to calm the fire as much as possible.Inflammation is a complex immune response to a variety of inputs.Sometimes it’s a bacterial or viral infection, in which case inflammation is protective.But when inflammation goes unchecked for extended periods of time, that opens the door... More

Research Summary: Gut Bacteria Found to Protect The Brain and CNS From Harmful Viruses

The following is my summary of a recent study that speaks to the importance of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome for protection from viruses that contribute to neurodegenerative diseases. The research also supported convincing evidence of the detrimental effects that antibiotics have on the gut microbiome.Cliff notes:A recent study from the University of Utah School... More

12 Signs That Your Gut Is The Root Of Your Issues

These are among the most common signs of gut dysbiosis I see clinically. How many of these 12 do you regularly experience? If you experience even one of these problems below, you may benefit from a free consult with me to learn more about how to properly address the issue.You experience bloating, gas, and other... More